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...the choir at practice (about 10 years ago -- at our previous venue)

... the choir in concert (Truro, 2013)

We are happy to welcome all male singers irrespective of previous experience.

•  You do not need to have a musical background to join!

•  You do not need to be a Vauxhall Motors employee, past or present to join!

•  Stage uniform provided - no hidden costs!

•  Enormous health benefits - give your lungs a workout!

•  Comradeship and optional social activities for you and your family!

Your willingness and ability to sing and hold a note is all we ask.
Many of our members who have never sung in their lives before have discovered the joys of male voice singing through VMVC.
New recruits will be given several weeks' rehearsal experience until you are ready to join VMVC as a full member.


VMVC rehearses every Wednesday evening 7.30pm - 9.30pm at HIGHTOWN METHODIST CHURCH, Luton.
If you're interested in joining us, why not come along, listen to us rehearse and join us when you are ready.

If you'd like to find out more about becoming a member of VMVC call Brian Matthews today on 01525-841077 or email on

Social Activities:

The Choir is not just for the men!
We actively encourage the participation of your partners and friends in our activities.
Our supporters are a very friendly bunch who will soon make all-comers feel at home.
We are extremely grateful to many that give invaluable support and encouragement to our endeavours.


Joining a Male Voice Choir can seriously enrich your life!