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George Flounders and Richard Atkinson formed the choir in June 1943.
George was a semi-professional baritone singer,
and Richard was a musician who had travelled the world playing in ship's orchestras.

Rehearsals were held at the Co-operative Hall in Hastings Street on Wednesday evenings
and by August of that year they took part in their first massed male voice choir concert
along with choirs from Electrolux, George Kent, Skefco and the Ashcroft Singers.
Cost of admission 2d.
Such was their growing reputation that in December 1943 they broadcast to the British Forces in the Middle East.

Vauxhall Male Voice Choir celebrate their 21st Anniversary
(The uniform looks perhaps a little dated compared to our current blazers!)

Throughout the 1950's, the choir was averaging twenty concerts each year and in 1955 and 1958 they entered the Balham and Streatham Music Festival and won first place in the Open Male Voice Class.
The choir records show that in 1959 they had a concert at Wormwood Scrubs to an audience of several hundred inmates.
When the musical director said how pleased he was to see so many people at the concert, and then announced that the first item on the programme was Sigmund Romberg's Stout Hearted Men, disorder broke out and the warders threatened to abandon the concert if peace was not restored.

The 1960's saw an increasing involvement in larger engagements taking the choir to such places as Northampton , Worcester , Sudbury , Harlow and Margate .
The choir numbers had now reached 65 choristers and reflected the growing interest nationally in Male Voice Choirs.

The 1970's saw an association with some of the country's best-known Military Bands, the choir taking part in festivals and massed male voice choir concerts.
In 1974 the choir won the Coulson Memorial Bowl with first place in the Bedford Festival.

Vauxhall Male Voice Choir
Winners of The Rhymney Eisteddfod in 1979
(Several of the Members shown are still with the Choir)

By the early 1980's the choir membership was in the mid 50's.
An early decision by the Recreation Club to open up membership of the Club to non-Vauxhall employees brought in experienced choristers from other choirs, and had the effect of not only adding numbers, but also improved the performance.
By 1987 membership had increased to 63.
Highlights were an appearance at the Royal Albert Hall and an Anglian Television appearance.
In 1984 the choir travelled to Germany where they were in concert.

From 1990 through to 2003 travel was increased and the choir itinerary took them to the Channel Islands, France, Germany, Isle of Wight, Eastbourne, Worthing, Bristol and more.
Christmas 1999 saw the choir make three appearances on Anglia Television.
The first CD was made in 2000.

In 2003, the choir celebrated with pride our Diamond Jubilee.
Our key event was the hosting of a massed concert at the Methodist Church , Dunstable where 200 choristers from seven choirs delighted an audience of over 650.
The finale of the concert involved all 850 people singing a rousing Land of Hope and Glory to a mass of waving Union Flags!
Our second choir CD was recorded live at this concert.
The choir was also honoured to participate in the Vauxhall Centenary celebrations.
The choir was asked to join Vauxhall Motors in their Centenary Service of Thanksgiving at St. Mary's Parish Church , Luton in June 2003 and are proud to be the first to sing the newly written Vauxhall Centenary Hymn.

In 2004 a choir newsletter was started and the Choir website www.vmvc.org was up and running. 

In October 2004 the Choir organised a 7 choir concert in St Alban’s Abbey. 
It was a sellout and the proceeds from another memorable concert went to the N.S.P.C.C. 

One year later in October 2005 the Choir was the guest of Leigh Orpheus MVC Southend on Sea as part of a 6 choir concert raising funds for the Southend Lifeboat.
Another visit to St Alban’s Abbey in October 2005 was to sing with Welwyn Garden City MVC in a celebration of their 70th anniversary as a male voice choir. 
The Choir participated in the Croydon Festival of Male Voices being part of a 12 choir concert.

During 2007 a massive recruitment campaign with TV and Radio coverage plus local press led to a large increase in choir membership.
2006 the Choir’s third CD was made. 

In 2009 the choir joined with 1600 voices and brass bands at the Royal Albert Hall for a concert in aid of Cancer Research UK.

In 2009 the choir took part in the BBC Children In Need Appeal at the GM Vehicle Testing Facility at Millbrook, Bedfordshire.

In 2010 the choir was in concert with Welwyn Garden City MVC celebrating their 75th anniversary.

In June 2012 the choir sang in the first international concert in 30 years with the celebrated Dutch choir RIJSSENS MANNENKOOR.

In 2013 the choir gave a luch-time recitial in Truro cathedral.

In 2015 the choir took part in King's Lynn Male Voice Choir's Diamond Jubilee Concert together with Bury St Edmund's MVC and Marham Military Wives Choir.

Throughout the years the choir have had a close association with the parent company Vauxhall Motors and sings under its logo.

During its life the Choir has played a valuable role in the history and heritage of Vauxhall Motors. 
Indeed the choir is very much part of the Luton scene!